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Italy Loosens Gun Laws as Matteo Salvini Polishes His Tough Guy Image

Emma Johanningsmeier - Fonte: The New York Times 07 novembre 2018   ROME — At a police convention in October, Matteo Salvini, the most powerful figure in Italy’s populist government, ran his hands over an enormous military-grade sniper rifle and posed with a submachine gun. Before elections this year, he campaigned at a gun show and signed a cooperation pledge with a group advocating looser gun laws in Italy. “It’s tradition,” Mr. Salvini said of hunting and responsible gun ownership when he signed the pledge. “It’s culture.” Italian culture, linked in the popular imagination with fine art, fashion and good...

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Norway and Germany have banned weapons sales to countries fighting in Yemen. Will others follow?

Stasa Salacanin - Fonte: © Alaraby 08 febbraio 2018 In the past month, three European governments have suspended the export of munitions and arms to Gulf countries involved in the war in Yemen. In January, Norway suspended exports to the United Arab Emirates as a "precautionary line", based on its assessment of the situation in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition including the UAE has been fighting Shia Houthi rebels for nearly three years now. Days later, Germany followed, also stopping arms exports to countries involved in the Yemen war, where more than 10,000 people have been killed and another three million displaced, while a cholera...

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Italy Ramps Up Weapons Supplies to Saudi Arabia in Spite of EU Calls for Embargo

Redazione - Fonte: © Sputniknwes 16 settembre 2017 European countries such as Italy continue to increase arms exports to Saudi Arabia in spite of European Parliament resolutions calling for an embargo on sales to Riyadh in light of violations of human rights and international law in Yemen. A recent European Parliament resolution which calls for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia is no deterrent to Italy, which continues to increase its arms sales to the Middle East despite concerns that the flow of weapons is contributing to instability there. Enrico Piovesana, an Italian journalist and director of the Center for Monitoring of Arms Expenditures (MILEX), told Sputnik Italia that Italy's exports have risen dramatically. "According...

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